Nice Meeting you!

 First of all, I want to thank you for visiting my blog. I guess being a blogger is not that easy, because I have to prioritize more informative information for an easier view and quick access of research that talks about the importance of Pinoy identity, Filipino aspects, there way of life, foods, nature, travel through out Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.. beyond this topics I can assure that this Blog will update the beauty of the Philippines, and the essential nature of it. This site aims the visitors to refresh their minds about the culture, special features and interesting informations about the Filipinos and the Philippines.
What I have here is my simple and unique blog for everyone. Catch up information, details, comments, and some new features about Pinoy and Pinas here in Phiippines that will help you so much learnings about it.

This blog is all about the people living happily here in the Philippines that brings peace and benefits for many reasons. Here, you can know more about the newly updates beyond the Philippines and so much more about the country. It is not just my intention to give you a satisfying topics, but this blog serves as your library also for an quick visit.

So much with that, may this blog make a betterment for you bloggers, to add some learning and information about Pinoy and Pinas. May you get contentment and joy in reading my special blog. Thank you and Enjoy :>

Made by: Jan Cezar Labio
4th Year Highschool Student
Davao City National Highschool


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