Trip to Laoag, Vigan!

Ilocos Norte, the northwestern tip of Luzon, is wedged between the steep Grand Cordillera Central in the east, the rugged Ilocos Mountains in the northeast, and the Ilocos Range in the South. The centuries old churches that dot every town of Ilocos are testimonies to the colonial past. They formed part of the nucleus of the plaza complex town planning instituted by the Spanish colonizers.
With a coastline that stretches to 90 statute miles, Ilocos Norte is blessed with rich marine life (shells, giant turtles, seaweeds, starfishes, tuna, and a variety of more fishes). Below Ilocos Norte is Ilocos Sur, located along the western coast of Northern Luzon, bound by Abra on the northeast, Mt. Province on the east, Benguet on the southeast, La Union on the south, and the China Sea on the west. Ilocos Sur’s topography has elevations ranging from 10 to 1,700 meters above sea level.
Though unmistakably foreign in form, the churches of Ilocos Sur reflect a distinctly Ilocano character. The hardiness and strength of the Ilocanos are reflected in the massiveness and sturdiness of the structures.
Calle Crisologo. A sojourn to the Illocandia is incomplete without walking down the cobblestone streets and rows of ancestral houses in Vigan city aptly called “Heritage Village”. Built in varying Spanish-Mexican-Chinese architectural styles, thick brick walls, tile roofs and red clay, the mansions stand side by side to each other as if frozen in time. The street brings back the mood of the historic Spanish times; experience the grandeur of the past as you stroll alongside ancestral houses; an excellent spot to shop for antiques and souvenir items.

Baluarte. COME and play with the animals! Be one of them roaring and whistling, indulging in the joys of the moment, you are in Baluarte, the only one of its kind in the country. Not just a zoo, Baluarte is an interactive wildlife sanctuary and facility, with the breathtaking view of its dominating scenic boulders amidst trees and greens.
It is dedicated to facilitate education, conservation and protection of endangered species and wildlife. Children and those who are young at heart will rediscover life amongst the animals in unique and entertaining ways specifically through first-hand experience.
Located at Brgy. Tamag, Vigan City.

Religious Museums in Vigan. Most of the sights and museums in Vigan that tourists visit are connected with the significant life and contributions of Vigan’s prominent sons and daughters. However, there are a couple of museums that are dedicated to the preservation of the memory of Vigan’s religious past, the Museo San Pablo and the Museo Nueva Segovia.The existence of the Museo San Pablo and Museo Nueva Segovia ensures both.Tourists can visit the Museo San Pablo after their tour of the magnificent Saint Paul Cathedral.

The museo is located right behind the church. It is open everyday except Thursdays. However, it is better to make arrangements before visiting the museo if one is touring in big groups so that preparations can be made and a better learning experience can be had. The museum fee is minimal.
Visitors will find in the museo an extensive collection of religious artifacts and statues brought there from other Ilocos Sur churches when it was still the seat of Nueva Segovia.
So much more! , just Visit the place and explore how Vigan was no nice. Only At.. Ilocos Norte, Have a Nice Trip 🙂



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