A Taste of Pinoy Foods.. YUMMMMY!

 Filipino Food Adventure!
Part of being a Filipino is eating on the streets. Not dining out on a restaurant with chairs and tables. Eating on the street is standing on the ”Kalsada” while everyone is watching you.
The background music is the sound of jeepneys and cars on the road with matching people walking and eating, too.
              It is easy to spot street food vendors; where there are churches, schools, recreational parks, or jeepney terminals, you will also see kiosks, makeshift stalls, or food carts.
Street food is a way of life for many people in this part of the globe. It is a source of income for many Filipino families—some vendors testified that their street food businesses enable them to send their children to school. For students and working adults looking for inexpensive meal, street food satisfy them for just half-the price of a meal in any popular fast-food restaurant.
Balot, taho, kwek kwek, banana cue, isaw, turok turok, fish ball, siomai, lumpia, kikiam, ice scramble, buko juice, shake.
Yum yum yum! , Instead of dining in a restaurant for an authentic Filipino dish, why not go out in the street and have a quick bite. There is nothing more authentic than those food in the streets—untouched with the modern culinary flair. 
 You will not only get to enjoy the food, but you get to join the locals who are eating with much gusto. Experience how awesome the pinoy street foods are.. BURRRPPPPP! :>


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