Filipino Deaf from the Eyes of a Hearing Person..WOW PINOY!

   Hey! This is exciting, sign language Interpreters have bonded together and will now be one step closer in forming a national organization. Nearly fifty hearing interpreters as well as deaf clients and relay interpreters trooped to the National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA) office to participate in the discussions and deliberations on how to establish a national body that will care for the needs and professionalizing sign language.
Prominent schools for the deaf were also very much represented because their top honchos attended. This is also the first time after nearly a decade where major college for the deaf in Metro Manila were together. Aside from yours truly and Sir Ervin Reyes representing Dean Techie Dela Torre and Nicky Templo-Perez with Ms. Tess Buenaventura and Ms. Febe Sevilla, CAP College’s Ma’am May Andrada and Sir Julius Andrada and MC-SAID’s Ma’am Carol Ui were all there. Philippine Deaf Resource Center’s Dr. Lisa Martinez was also there and gaveher very tangible suggestions and so with UP College of Education and my best buddy Dr. Therese Bustos. 

With this coordination of all the pinoy who earns much effort in helping one’s life especially to the people who are physically disabled. That’s why lets be proud of what Filipinos can do. Fight with the right and going to the track where we can establish new life in order to gain prosperity in life. PINOY!


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