Hello Philippines! Hello World!

WELCOME to pinoypinas Blog! So?..
What’s up dear?! I have here a simple blog that consist of different topics like information, facts, tourism and travel, trivia, reminders, and many more that makes pinoypinas blog more exciting    to visit with and enjoyments!

I could not assure everyone to enjoy what is in my blog, but one thing for sure is that people will understand more about the significance of the Country and the citizens living on it.
With such interesting topics to read, you can also bring your mind about the Filipino culture and tradition for an understandable and easy to get articles and topics.

The topics that are followed might help you to view more images in connection with the beauty of Philippines. Some trivia also may be post for you to enjoy and to be entertain. Knowing that this blog may contribute for making the Philippines more beautiful and satisfy others about the culture, tradition, and people living on it.

In a matter of fact, I created this blog not just for the Filipinos but also for all the citizens that are interesting to roll up their mind about it. I have to end this up for you to continue visiting my blog, may this help you a lot with the sources below.
Have a nice time Visiting. Thank you and Enjoy :>

Happy blogging! God bless you all. MABUHAY!


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